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Comment Type Selector Missing potentially only on Callie Beusman articles (Resolved)

Confirmed a bug on the mainpage, please feel free to read through to help diagnose for GM staff when they see this. Edits/Updates at the bottom.

When I click on Callie Beusman's Dirtbag article on the mainpage, it doesn't give me the Highlights/All selector for comments. It just shows what I guess are the highlights. If I want to see all the comments, I have to manually append /all at the end of the url. I'm on Windows 7 Firefox Latest.

It does not seem to happen for other articles though.

Is this happening for anyone else? Please leave browser version/operating system if this is or is not happening to you.


Edit: got one confirmation so retagging this kinja help.

Edit 2: If you are experiencing this bug, can you visit these other Callie Beusman articles and see if you also experience comment weirdness?


<- click on anything and see if it keeps happening.


That seems to be the common link for me anyway.

Edit 3: As user SimplyResistable pointed out, this does seem to potentially be resolved. Still waiting on confirmation from GM.


Edit 4: Ernie confirms this is resolved. Apparently blog authors can be blocked from their own spaces (woops!). Interesting to know, shouldn't happen again.

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