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Commenters of the Night

Hey, fellow nocturnal GTers!

I started a new job a few months ago that ends at midnight on weeknights so I've still got a few more hours over here on the west coast before I tuck in and it gets awful lonely since I know so few people who are regularly awake at this hour. But tonight I'm revisiting Resident Evil 5 and munching on some brownies drizzled in caramel. Work was kind of boring today, so it gave me plenty of time to think of crafty new projects I want to take up. I'm a little bored with my knitting, but I think I might want to learn cross stitch and embroidery to embellish some of my cardigans. Anyone have any suggestions on how a blundering novice could get started? I was thinking about Subversive Cross Stitch to get some basic skills down.

How are your nights going? Trouble sleeping? Are these normal hours for you? Tell me what you're up to!


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