Scroll down for latest updates. Workaround is to refresh: Cmd+Shift+R (Mac) and Ctrl-F5 (Windows).

Hey Kinja Help. I'm noticing that the articles on don't seem to load their comments. It seems fairly consistent now for probably the past half hour. When comments did briefly work, I did notice that at least one other user complained.

I'm on Windows 7 using FireFox.

It might be particular to FireFox, it does work for me on Chrome when I use that. If any GT members use FireFox and can confirm, that would be helpful.


It seems to affect old articles and new.

GT also now seems to be affected.

Update 1: A few commenters are suggesting that refreshing the page should work. You can try refreshing by clicking the icon on the right side of the address/awesome bar, or pressing Ctrl-F5. I'm noticing the issue is far less prevalent now so perhaps it is resolved. It clears up randomly but comes right back.


Update 2: Ernie showed up to confirm it's a known issue and being looked into.


Update 3: Ernie also clarified the ways to refresh with keyboard shortcuts: "Holding Shift and clicking refresh is the more complex way of a Cmd+Shift+R (Mac) and Ctrl-F5 (Windows)."