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So as I mentioned, I got an IUD today and posted a picture my ultrasound of it to Facebook. I should say, I didn't moderate visibility of the post—it's available to anyone on my Facebook friends list, including friends, family members, colleagues, students, etc. I'm kind of shameless.


The full text of what I posted:

Dear Facebook: Today I got an IUD. There was an ultrasound done to check the placement. The nurse practitioner allowed me to take a photo of it. Here it is! I'm expecting—not to get pregnant!

What do you mean, TMI? I figure if mothers-to-be get to show me the contents of their uterus unsolicited, I get to show them the contents of mine!

And don't worry if you can't make heads or tails of it. I feel the same way about your sonograms.


Much to my surprise, the response to this has been overwhelmingly positive. So far I've had 97 likes, and the comments are fucking cracking me up. So I thought I'd share some of my favorites below.

"My IUD, the Anti-Baby 3000, and I had a wonderful 5 years together. Wishing you the same!" (Former student)


"Sounds like my sister" (My brother)

"Congrats on the little one! So exciting!!" (Colleague)

"Oh what a beautiful new addition to your life!" (Former student)

"I see a peanut. (FYI — that is what I always say, so I didn't want to treat you any differently.)" (Colleague)


"I love that you shared this! For those of us who won't be having children, it was really nice to see." (Former student)

"My Mirena is one of the wonders of modern civilization. Congratulations!" (Colleague)


"I love everything about this post and the responses. Prof Pink = hero of life. Prof Pink's friends = cool people" (Former student)

"THANK YOU! OMG people think im the devil if i tell them that they're sonograms look like aliens with chicken wings. It always freaks me out when i see them. maybe i should do this of my IUD" (Former student)


"Congrats on the new addition (to your lady parts)!" (Former student)

"Congratulations! Wishing you both much happiness in the months ahead! Enjoy every minute! ;)" (Colleague)


"Bahahaha Made. My. Day. Congratulations! Did you put it on your fridge?!" (Former student)

"OMG it's so cute! Looks just like you! Gonna grow up to be big and strong/beautiful and intelligent!" (Former student)


"It's like functional jewelry for your uterus. Gorgeous!" (Former student)

"And you haven't picked names yet because you are waiting until after your first trimester?" (My aunt)


All of which is simply to say: I have some awesome people in my life!

ETA: The pic is included now, by popular demand. :)

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