I am ready to kill about three people at work so I want to do something fun to take my mind of homicide. So here's something to discuss.

How do we feel about replies to old comments from months and months ago? I personally can't stand this. I guess there's an unspoken rule about the time frame for a discussion on a topic. Especially if you're going to brazenly challenge the OP. Because it seems a little cowardly, frankly. Because at this point the post's life cycle is cycling down—the post isn't featured on the main blogroll anymore, meaning that the only eyes on your point are going to be the OPs. This happens to me constantly. And it's the worst, worst, stupidest comments that seem to indicate the person has neither read the entire article or all of your comments or all the replies.


Now I have to decide, do I just dismiss this idiot and let it go OR do I jump back in and explain the same shit I and a bunch of other commenters explained four months ago? Ugh. It’s lame. I get that some people might not realize the post is old and sure I’ve gotten some good comments here and there.

But mostly, it seems to be a tactic deployed by trollish dicks. Wait until no one is paying attention and attack the OP, because your chances of being flamed or dogpiled for being an asshat are significantly diminished.

That’s just my opinion/rant whatevs. Not as important as discussing Syria or the latest happenings with cronuts, but like I said I needed to take my mind of people I want to murder.