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Behold: the awesome Amber Nash hosted a Twitter competition where she asked fans to submit their best coplay costumes based on her hilarious Archer character, Pam Poovey.


Warming Glow has compiled their 10 favorite entries, and the ever-delightful commenters at Warming Glow have gathered to share their thoughts on the ladies who decided to take part.

Initially shocking was the fact that few — if any — commenters had anything flat-out nasty to say. There was one maybe-questionable example which may be a reference to the show that I'm just blanking on ("How you gonna keep them down on the farm…?")


So why do I still feel kind of uncomfy about the comments?

Well, there's a bit of a "everyone patting themselves on the back" vibe that I'm getting.


To wit:

Oh, hey naked chick with back tattoo who hopefully is just as curvy but not fat from the front as she is from the back…


Because he's cool with you being a bit chubby, just not, you know, "fat."

Or maybe:

these women…all of them…wifey material

Besides the fact that that phrase is horrendous, there's the added bonus that most of these shots are of women cooking or eating fried foods and drinking beer. Plus the fact that all the women who took part are presumably fans of a comedy show that — for some reason — these dudes seem to think is mostly watched by dudes.


Like this prince:

its refreshing to see how many awesome women there are. sploosh

Because women — especially "bigger" women — aren't "normally" awesome.

To be fair, I'm probably sensitive and over-reacting. And the trouble is that I don't think any of these comments are malicious or in any way intentionally harmful. Most of them are obviously joking and some really are offering genuine praise. But I do hate the fact that people act like it's a welcome surprise to discover that fat women can be cool people.


And, of course, there's the added fact that thin, attractive women who try to cosplay as thin, attractive characters are often labelled "fake" or "slutty." Because hot, vapid chicks definitely spend weeks putting together costumes just to lure and confuse nerds and not for their own entertainment or satisfaction.

In any event, I'd like for this to be a really cool step forward for female fans and female nerds and female cosplayers, and I don't want to contribute to a "It's still not good enough!!" environment, but I can't deny that I question the mentality behind some of these seemingly positive and encouraging comments.

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