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Comments on the LadyGhostbusters Cast Report

Even though i09 is light years better than Kotaku, so many of those comments were still so disappointing.

Oh, you don't like Melissa McCarthy because Hollywood has forced her to fulfill a one-note joke of a career based on her size? Even though she's shown, in earlier projects, that she has a pretty impressive range?


And you're sad that your boner won't get to see Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence? Right. Because it's only fair when you consider all of the 20-something heart throbs ladies were treated to in the original.

I mean, keeping things positive: I love that three of the four cast members are over 40. I love that they took a chance on two people who aren't household names. I love that every single one of them is a legitimate comedian.

It may not work, and what frustrates me more than anything is that if it doesn't work, it'll be because they made these choices — not in spite of it.

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