Finally EGR writes something i actually like and care about. Then i get to the comments...

"This sounds like a non-story"

Really? Are you a fat woman? Clearly you are not, otherwise you would understand how fucking important it is to us to find clothing in our sizes.

"Plenty of other stores"

Are you serious or are you trolling now? Plenty of other stores? Please, show me these other stores that sell cute stuff in my size that are as affordable as Target. I'm talking brick and mortar stores here, they don't exist. The world of plus sized clothing only exists online. I can't try clothes on over the internet. I have to order and hope that whatever i get looks good on my body.

"I would imagine one reason that many stores don't carry a ton of plus sizes in store is that you have to add more and more sizes to serve a smaller and smaller portion of the population."

Um, Nope. Smaller portion of the population? You tell that to the empty plus size racks i saw in Target last year because everything had been bought out. Last time i checked, us people in the "smaller portion" actually take up 1/3 of the American population. Nice try though.



Why did this comment not get dismissed? This is incredibly offensive and fucking bullshit on so many levels.

"I feel like I'm taking crazy pills because my local Target stores never ever ever EVER have size Small [I can only assume Extra Small clothing is put in the same aisle with all the unicorns & leprechauns & cold fusion reactors] & only ever has Large on display."


Oh wow i feel so bad for you, it must be so hard for you to not be able to find straight sizes in one store, when every other store on the planet caters to you. Eye roll

I'll stop here, even though i could keep going on and on, i think you get the point. The plight of the fat woman finding nice, affordable, non-online clothing is real. It's something we shouldn't stop talking about.