Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I love the latest Mayhem commercial where Mayhem is a 4 year old boy who likes to swallow stuff except brocolli. He is a ring bearer and sure enough he swallows the wedding ring.

A ring is not digestable so would it get stuck along the way? Also since married folk pick out their wedding bands do the kids parents hand them over the post poop wedding bands (I would decline if I was the groom) or do the parents just buy new wedding bands?

I hate nay despise the Optima Tax relief commercials. Maybe its my suspicious mind but I always have two questions a) you owe X amount what was that based on. So essentially what was their earnings pretax and b) so you exhausted all the deductables and exceptions yet you still owe this so how much did you put as income? The IRS does not randomly tell people what they owe out of thin air.


I assume these are all performers but I have such a hard time feeling pity for the folks they represent. I do not know their backstory I just feel manipulated that I must see them as victims. I don’t. I also see it as getting out of their duties as citizens which is you pay back to society financially what you owe. I can understand if their is a valid reason but these folks never give that. Roads, schools and disaster aid don’t pay for themselves. Unless there is a really good reason for not paying it shifts burden to others. Look at Trump declaring bankruptcy numerious times just to get out of financial obligations.

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