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Common sense solutions to global warming that will never happen.

One of the top offenders of global warming is vehicle emissions. We’re still working on engines that don’t need to burn fossil fuel to run. But in the meantime there is a pretty easy solution staring us in the face -

Let people work from home.

That has the potential to take a large chunk of cars off the road everyday, as well as decrease dependency on overcrowded public transit systems.


Not everyone will be able to do it, but plenty could.

So why don’t we? Why don’t I hear this suggestion ever? Because companies don’t like it. There’s the idea that if you work from home you won’t get as much done as you would in the office. Perhaps for some people that’s true, but personally I get a lot more done when people aren’t coming up to my desk 10 times a day to ask inane questions.

I would argue I spend more time socializing when in the office. At home, my lunch breaks are shorter because I’m alone. They’re also cheaper and a lot more healthy cause I can cook something fresh.

Another reason companies don’t like WFH - if you are at their office, then they can block “time waster” sites. Meanwhile I’m at lunch in the office writing this, sooo they’re not totally right about that.


Another thing we could do to help stop global warming - shorten the work week in general.

Again, not everyone can work from home. So why don’t we decrease the work week? A lot of businesses feed off of the 5-day workweek. Example - restaurants and bars. But if people only worked mon-wed, then those places would only need to be open for that time.


Certain things like hospitals and grocery stores would need to remain the same. But what I’m saying is that there are so many non-essential things that stay open to support our long workweeks.

That’ll never fly for obvious reasons - corporations and oligarchs would make less money. And in order for that system to work, all the workers would still need to be making the same money even though the workweek is cut. I highly doubt companies will want to pay you the same for less time worked.


My final point - people need to eat less meat.

Bulk farming livestock creates a ton of pollution and waste that is harmful to humans. If we all (minus people who need meat every day for health reasons) cut back eating meat to just a couple days a week, we wouldn’t need to produce so much meat in the first place.


And of course that’ll never happen because so many people tie eating meat to their identity. Particularly men. 

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