Just got back from my first meeting with the Ste. Emilie Skillshare Sidetracks screen printing project and I am so so so so so excited to be involved! They're an artist/activist initiative that help community programs reach out through inexpensive swag production. We do posters, shirts, zines, buttons, bandanas, patches, everything you can think of if you can print on it, you're in business.

I know I probably won't find the same level of discourse I find on GT but they're a QPOC group who's mandate is empowerment, self-determination and collective liberation, so there must be some likeminds or at least interesteds there! Finally people to talk to about this stuff IRL. Also screen printing is so fun! It's just the best thing. I'll meet artists and activists and a bunch of cool new people.

After all this unemployment stress I think this may be the right thing to get me back on my feet feeling worthwhile and excited about life. Also it'll get me back into making non-digital art, which would be a welcome change for both my portfolio and my brain haha!

Do you guys ever find the time to volunteer and if so, where? I never did back when I had a job, I always felt pretty mentally exhausted after work. Now I got so much time it'd be a shame not to do something good with it, if not just to get myself out of the house and out of my own head.