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Company claims Native American "Battle Headdress" not racist

October. It's a time for changing leaves, for pumpkin spice everything, and for racist Halloween costumes full of cultural appropriation! Tis the season.

One company has gone above and beyond and insists their VERY RACIST "Battle Feather Headdress" is not actually racist. In the most condescending way possible. Because of course.


Dolls Kill is a strange website of very odd items. It's like Hot Topic and Forever 21 got drunk together at Coachella and decided to make a new store while jacking the prices up to Are You Fucking Kidding Me heights. Dolls Kill is your one stop shop for fringe denim cut offs, lycra body suits, blinged out rompers and other poor fashion decisions. They also, apparently, dabble in a shitload of racism.

They've been called on the carpet before for offering clothes that are racist or appropriating culture. Tumblr is full of images and product descriptions that are near horrifying in how tone deaf and not okay they are.

So what makes this instance worse? A Tumblr user contacted the company about the headdress and received this absolutely jaw-dropping email in response.



So, apparently, that headdress is TOTES not racist. We should all "take a chill pill and get our panties out of a bunch" and just allow them to sell shit like that.


This is only the tip of the shitty racist iceberg. Check out the "costume" the head dress goes with. It's called the "Fringed Benefits" costume.


That's not all, folks! Why not insinuate you slept your way to a degree with the "I'mma Naughty Nerd" costume?


And we can't not include this charming military look, the "Bomber Babe" costume.


Happy Cultural Appropriation Halloween!

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