Anyone else having trouble controlling the flow of discussions on election stuff?I have been trying to compartmentalize by focusing on work and only watching/reading/discussing news in controllable bursts. But everyone around me wants to talk about it - or text me about it. I feel like all I want to do right now is go home and cry because I really set out to just focus on work today, but there have been so many discussions and overheard discussions - I’m just overwhelmed. I’m sad/upset about something else going on today too - so that doesn’t help. 

How do you manage supporting those around you who want to talk about it but also protect yourself? I was just kind of rude to a co-worker who was asking how I was coping with it all (since I am queer in a predominantly white straight workplace, people are being nice and concerned) - and I just said I couldn’t talk about it and was trying to focus on work. How do you set boundaries without seeming/feeling like a jerk?