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Who is pissing you off, your mother, your coworker, your partner?

Complain here and we will commiserate together. My person is my mother I'm not trying to stir shit and be anti-motherhood after the other thread going on. My mother is just really pissing me off.

I'm going out of town this weekend and she will need to look in on my cats 4 times over 3 days. She lives 10 minutes away, so this isn't an issue. She will also probably bring my 14 year old brother which means he will play with them while she watches Netflix at least twice.


According to her:

-I'm not feeding my cats enough (She has never owned a cat.)

-My apartment better be clean before I leave (UM FUCK YOU very much. It was a "joke". )

-She just got let go from her job for the first time ever (last time the company went out of business). She refuses to listen to any of my advice. I WORK IN MOTHERFUCKING STAFFING. WHERE WE LIVE.

-I tell her she should brush up on software, take a class, online tutorial whatever. "I hate computers, why don't they just teach me how to use the software." BECAUSE THE WORLD IS DIFFERENT AND I UNDERSTAND THAT'S SCARY BUT YOU NEED TO ACCEPT THAT.


-My father needs her to set up some financial stuff for his side-business and she's dragging her feet because again using the computer is scary.

-Geekboy and I need to move according to her. UM yes farther than 10 minutes away from you. Our place is apparently too small and since the condo management won't take care of the gross rug on our steps we need to move. YOU DON'T LIVE HERE NOR HAVE YOU EVER RENTED AN APARTMENT. NO DADDY CAN'T JUST RIP UP THE CARPET IN THE FRONT HALL.


-According to her Geekboy needs to quit smoking.

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