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Complain about people on the internetz thread

I’ll go first.

I use all the social medias to connect with fellow scholars and artists and share their work. I am forever retweeting and reading other people’s blogs. Connecting other people to each other. Even got their work in to art shows.


Do any of these social media friends retweet my work? Nope. Only person who does is my friend who I went to school with. I get maybe 9 reads on my real blog.

I decide to put myself out there for a talk, this condescending ass basically twitter pats me on the head for my work. I also recommend a fellow scholar, and boom, that person gets the position (Note: I am happy for them), and guy doesn’t even remember I asked and I’m still on their conversation.

I pipe in and say “Okay, so am I actually on this talk?”

“oh did you want to be?”

“Yes, I asked.”

and then nothing.

I think it’s the trauma therapy or PSM, but I really wanted to flip a table.

(There’s a whole academic snobbery rant in there, which is basically the art historical equivalent of “No yoga teacher, you aren’t a fucking medical doctor, stop trying to give medical advice.”)


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