Or even the family you choose (your friends) thread. It's the holidays, we all spend so much time with people we don't see.

OR How the fuck did I grow up in the same house as you?

Or Even though I love you, some days I find our interactions tedious and unhealthy aka I kinda wanna drown you a little bit.

So what bat shit crazy or annoying stuff has your family already done.

let's see here

1) Dumped off their kids several days in a row and vanished into thin air.

2) Told another family member that it was a 4 year old's responsibility to remember to take their medication. (FYI NOT OKAY. NOT OKAY)


(I believe I mentioned 1 before and we are aware we need to stand up and say no, just working on saying it in a diplomatic way that isn't going to cause an explosion.)

Let's see here positives...

4 year old to me "I'll find you a boyfriend and my parents will get you a new phone."


I never mention needing a boyfriend, but adorable to know that my family must talk about finding me someone in front of super honest children.

"Huh hell must have frozen over because sibling X apologized to me. Explains why my feet are cold." - said another sibling.