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Welcome To The Bitchery

Come, GT, share your complaints. Petty, Massive, Holiday-Related, or Random.

I’m pissed off at the cookie recipe I am making. I love Andes mints, and I bought the bag of the pieces for baking. The cookie recipe was so dry I couldn’t mix the flour into the dough - I ended up adding about a tablespoon of canola oil because I was like WTF do I do to make this not crumbly bits of flour in a bowl.

So it’s chilling in the fridge, going to start baking in a few minutes. Also that motherfucking recipe did everything in volume measurements except making up the cookies, which are supposed to be 1 ounce each. The fuck. If I’m adding teaspoons of ingredients, the cookies should be in teaspoon or tablespoon measurements.


This post is brought to you by someone who is upset about weight gain yet still is excited to bake and eat cookies. WOOO GREAT CHOICES!!!

ETA I will say for all I complained about this recipe, it yielded 1 cookie fewer than what the packaging said, so that’s very nice. 

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