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Complaining about people complaining

... is what I'm doing here. So, sorrynotsorry in advance?

I'm a semi-avid Yelper. When I log into Yelp, I usually read at least a couple of other people's reviews... because it's interesting! But one out of every three or so it seems is always some person explaining how something is too expensive, when that's irrelevant to the review.

I don't know why this bothers me so much, but it DOES. I get that sometimes things aren't worth the cost, genuinely, but what I'm talking about are people who say things like — and I seriously just read this — "3 stars for Albertson's Supermarket. Walmart is much cheaper, minus two stars."


What the hell. Yes, Albertson's is more expensive than Walmart (I'm assuming, I don't shop at Walmart often). But ... duh? Am I being obtuse in thinking that this should be obvious, and also kind of irrelevant, since it's like comparing apples and oranges? (Admittedly, apples and oranges that both sell apples and oranges, albeit of highly varying degrees of freshness.)

These same people go into boutique shops and say, "All the clothes were too expensive, not for me! ONE STAR."

DUDE. That is not how it is supposed to work. Sometimes things are too expensive for what they are, genuinely, and that's a real — but if fancy-time shoes aren't your priority, why knock the business? You're not actually reviewing anything, you're just conflating your financial priorities with the quality of the business. Maybe if something strikes you as too expensive, it's just not for you. It's not a priority you've made. I think fancy bed linens are too expensive, therefore I buy mine from Woot and Big Lots. That doesn't mean Fancy Bed Linen Store is one star.

I think it bugs me because it seems really, really dense. I also sense this may be an Unpopular Opinion. And, I might just be grumpy.


Thank you for reading, here are some cute chinchillas:


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