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1. Cramps and fatigue because ovaries

2. Wart on my forehead

3. Hair is falling out due to having gone off my PCOS supplement for two weeks. That was a couple months ago (please, no suggestions, I’ve been living with this for a long time and have a couple things I’m going to try before going to the doc)


4. My boss is out on medical leave, possibly gone for good. This makes me sad because she is awesome and the best boss I’ve ever had.

5. My boss is out on medical leave so I’m doing at least half her job in addition to my already heavy work load. I’m not sure the big boss realizes how much I have going on.

6. I applied for a job I don’t want so I can move my career forward. It will involve living 2 hrs from my family during the week and I’m hoping to find a living arrangement that doesn’t require that I buy new furniture (I can’t) or live with my mother (oh HELL no)

7. Blank spot for the myriad other things going on that suck

Whatcha got, GT? dump it here.

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