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Complaint Thread

I want to whine and I feel less badly about that if I make this an equal opportunity space. Come one, come all, and get your grumpy out.

Oh my loooooord, the Mirena crash is a real thing. I had mine removed this morning and I spent the rest of the day being an anxious teary mess for no logical reason.

Then I remembered that this was a possible side effect and I am massively relieved. But still grumpy.


Also. I’m slightly afraid of one of the cats I now live with. I am a grown woman. Afraid of a house cat. There, I said it. In my defense I’ve never had to deal with a cat that spits and hisses at me so much. It’s not like there is something in particular I’m worried about happening. It’s just unnerving to live with. Last week we had a faceoff over who exactly is the true owner of my shoe, and even kitty treats weren’t enough to solve the issue.

Also I should hear a final answer any day now from a job I started the application process for back in April. Any....day. Its going to be emotional, no matter what the answer is.

Whine away. The more self indulgent, the better.

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