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Have complaints? I sure AF do. Let’s bitch together.

It’s hot AF here. It’s 97 degrees here and 47% humidity (is a lot? I’m really fucking sweaty). My school does not have ac... I mean... do any, really? I have the hottest classroom in the building. My students stink, they are sweaty, and then do not have any concept of personal space and THEY KEEP TOUCHING ME PLZ STAHP WITH UR SWEATY HANDS ON ME. don’t get me wrong. I love em but.... not so close.

I have a headache and have had this headache for 36 fucking hours. I can only take Tylenol and it doesn’t really help and I get the feeling I shouldn’t be havinghat daily so I haven’t had any today. My head hurts. Please save me.


I want an Italian sub. Lettuce, pickles, hots, oil and vinegar. But NOOOOOOOOOOO pregnant ladies arent supposed to haaaaaave deli meat. I swear to god if Mr. Carbs came home with an Italian sub for himself or if I found out he had one I would end him.

What are your complaints? Is it hot af and miserable where you are?

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