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So The Monarch takes off to go to the gym about 30 minutes ago. It's not even dark out yet where I am, just dusky. And I have the dogs with me. The stowaway is whining. All is normal. Fuck, I just spent a week at the house by myself, no fear (except for the rational / hurricane related), all NORMAL.

Just now I'm sitting in my living room casually reading Kitchenette on my laptop. I'm in a chair by the window. Again, it's light out still.


Then I hear a loud creak. Ok, my house is old and has wood floors. They creak. Not often in our house, and almost never unless someone's walking on them, but okay. Just out of the ordinary enough that I noticed. I go back to reading.

Then I hear more creaking, and it sounds like FOOTSTEPS. Very distinctly. LOUDLY. Like someone is walking through our creaky ass little hallway.

I feel my heart beat faster — my first thought is OMG SOMEONE IS IN THE HOUSE FUCK FUCK FUCK.

But that's not possible. I'm in the living room, I can literally see all the entrances and exits! I finally calm myself. The house made a noise, it's okay, not footsteps, just old house noise.


The little dog is whining full tilt in his crate. The big dog is whining and looking around. Then it happened again, a creak and a shuffle now. I dashed outside. Now that I'm out here I feel a little... foolish. But fuck it. I don't want to see anything I don't want to see.

I'm chilling on the porch til someone else comes home. You win this round, new ghost.

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