Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So this is hardly new (it's over 3 years old at this point, actually), but it is probably one of my favorite internets ever and I wanted to share it.

I am a big Russian history nerd. I was truly fortunate to have an amazing Mr. Keating of a teacher (you rule, Mr. Gillespie! Я люблю тебя, Фрэнк Фрэнкoвич!) who really made history come to life. He somehow managed to convey huge, important concepts through tiny, seemingly trivial details that I think most teachers glaze over. He clearly loved what he did, and he was a favorite in my not-small high school.

His area of expertise was Russian Studies. He even teamed up with a language teacher to offer a culture and language class to seniors. (Every Friday we had русский чай—Russian tea—and we'd just hang out and sing Russian children's songs and eat pastries with a shit ton of poppy seed paste in them.)

So, anyway, consider that a peek into one of my passions and a tribute to a fantastic teacher as I present this video: "A Complete History of the Soviet Union" by Pig With the Face of a Boy. It's charming and also awesome. A few of you will recognize the tune as a Russian folksong ("Коробейники") but most of you will recognize it from Tetris. Both sides of this dual truth (an oчень интересный факт, as Mr. Gillespie would say) influenced the band's decision to use the music. Says band member Donald Newholm "[The Tetris metaphor's] repeated presence throughout the song’s historical eras illustrate the fact that whilst political ideologies come and go, there is always a worker arranging the same blocks in the foundation of society."

So there you go. Enjoy.

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