A few months ago I was diagnosed with a really nasty stomach condition called Gastroparesis. Essentially my stomach digests food really, really slowly, and this causes debilitating chronic nausea, burping (up the taste of my food for hours and hours after I eat it), fullness, bloating, reflux and regurgitation, etc. I have surgery at the end of April to implant a gastric neurostimulator that will *hopefully* help with the nausea, but I know I need to also make significant dietary changes. Right now my eating habits are really messed up because of the nausea and my staples are things like bread, and anything sugary because it digests much more quickly.

No foods damage my digestive track the way gluten harms the small intestine of people with Celiac Disease, and no diet will "heal" my condition, but finding out what foods are easier/ harder for me to digest will be good. Right now I feel like I can't digest anything I eat or drink and it's miserable.

My doctor recommended a total elimination diet and then to slowly add in low FODMAP foods to see how I do. And then to try higher FODMAP foods to see if I can tolerate those at all. Low FODMAP means no fructose, lactose, fructans (wheat), etc., which is basically EVERYTHING I LOVE. Also, I am straight up addicted to sugar.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone here has ever had to make drastic dietary changes because of a health condition. Any tips and or commiseration is really appreciated! I know I need to try this to see if it helps, but damn it I love food and it's going to be SO hard.

ETA: I also have to eat very low fiber, and low fat, so that's fun. And I'm on an MAOI. -_-