Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Just to be clear here: Nothing I am about to say is of any consequence whatsoever, but I like to complain about it anyway. This is your last chance to get out now.

Maybe I'm a weirdo (ok, there's no "maybe" about that), but I swear I'm about to rip all the party planning out of my bosses' hands (one of them is planning a big event). It irritates me to NO FUCKING END that people do not understand how to plan for and build an event. Grilled cheese and sushi stations, dafuq?! A DJ, but you don't know what kind of music or vibe you want to evoke? OH WAIT, MAYBE WE SHOULD HAVE A THEME? What theme fits grilled cheese and sushi?! AHHHHHH, not even kidding, it really does bug the shit out of me.


Jesus - the budget for this party is substantial and it's being squandered in idiocy and poor planning. Oh, how I just want to take that crap over, if for nothing else but to satisfy my own need to organize and throw an amazing party that makes sense, instead of the confused train wreck I'm currently listening to.

Please tell me someone out there has a weird pet peeve like this? Or just tell me your pet peeves. It's Monday. It's a day to be peevish.

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