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So, Jiffy is looking for a mattress, y’all. Since I had been living with Sgt BF for two years, I didn’t have a bed anymore because before I moved from Cleveland to be with Sgt Bf, I gave my bed to my sis’ bf because things. Anyway, I’ve been on an (actually really comfy) airbed since I got home, but I knew I’d be looking to get a bed soon. I knew I didn’t want a mattress with coils because fuck coils. I was considering something like a Casper-type deal: direct to consumer, foam, minimal packaging - you know what I’m talking about.

Well, as I was digging for reviews and comparisons I tripped on this site, and I’m finding it so so so informative. They apparently take the whole mattress buying process very seriously, do extensive research into complanies that are professional members of the site and just generally seek to aid the consumer. This bed purchase I make will be my first ever, actually, and I think this will be a font of knowledge. Since life happens to all of us, I figured that you folks would at least like to peek around the site and bookmark it... Who knows?! In the meantime, I’m thinking I may get a mattress from Brooklyn Bedding!

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