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Completely wireless headphones, like no power cord even, do they exist?

So. Little sprout, who is 8, has a horrible habit of breaking the end point of whatever headphones/earbuds/charging cords she is entrusted with. Like, she got an ipad last February, and she is now on her 6th or 7th pair of headphones, and 2nd round of power cords. We tried getting her cordless headphones, but she kept forgetting to plug them in to charge, and then somehow broke the jack so that the power cord didn’t charge them anymore. She has been paying for all replacements out of her allowance, but that doesn’t seem to be a deterrent at. all. Because she just broke her latest pair. The input thing where she plugs it into the headphone jack? Now pointing 45 degrees off of where it should point. Sigh.

So, like, are there cordless headphones (she hates ear buds) out there that you can, like, magically charge without having to plug a thing into another thing? Like those mats that charge phones when you lay them on it? Because that is what she needs. Power cords for her ipad seem to be more hardy, thankfully. But god damn headphones. I still can’t believe she broke the jack on the cordless ones.


I tried to google it and got like 6000000 hits. Then went to amazon, but sorting is crap on amazon, because i kept getting phone cases. NO I SAID WIRELESS HEADPHONES.

Theoretically, it would be nice if they cost like $30, because that is what she has at the moment. But if there is a wireless (preferably bluetooth) headphone set out there that charges by sitting on a stand so she can’t fuck up another cord, I may “help” her buy it in the interest of stopping the madness. HELP ME SHOP, YALL!!!

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