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Compliments on my pinky ring

I love that people keep complimenting me on my pinky ring and their reactions when I tell them what it is but this most recent experience made me giggle so bad.

At work I frequently interact with this lady who dresses super nice and wears total glam jewelry a lot, and the other day she gestured toward my pinky ring and said, "Oh, I love that!"


And for a sec I was like, what is she talking about? Then I realized she was talking about my ring and I said, "Oh, thanks! It's a gas line clamp! My boyfriend bought it for me at the beer brewing store for 99 cents!"

The look she gave me was so hilarious.

She only suspected before, but now she knows I'm bananas.

I gotta find a little stone or gem to put in the middle but I haven't, yet. But I am still laughing so hard at this.

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