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Compliments: the good and the plain confusing.

Compliments are interesting things.

I only like to give them spontaneously and honestly, and hate fake ones. And some compliments are better than others. And then some are just straight up weird, and I don't know whether to be complimented or insulted.

I think the nicest compliments I've ever got are a weird mixture. One of my friend's parents said I was "wise" once, which felt awesome, and when a encouraging type friend left a message on my Facebook saying I was the "most unique girl he had ever met" some of my friends laughed for an age, but I was really quite flattered.


And then a weirder one. I had a follow up conversation with "Greg" the other day. (Thanks a ton for all your advice about him guys!!!)

He said (within a context) that he had first considered the fact I get angry (usually when people aren't pro-equality and say offensive things against a people group) a negative thing. But then he said he found it hot. The fact I get angry about stuff.


The thing is, he isn't even the only person who has said this to me. My ex also said this. I don't know whether to be complimented that they both found one of my traditionally non-feminine traits a positive thing, or insulted that they potentially put me in another stereotype of a Lara Croft type strong woman.

Any thoughts? What is the best compliment someone can ever give you? And any ideas about the "hot angry" girl thing?

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