UPDATE: So I spent $50 and the last 10 hours running a very fancy recovery. About 10-20% of my data was recoverable (the rest had already been overwritten). I am super upset about it. I no longer have back-ups of a lot of my schoolwork. Thanks for all your suggestions.

I have been having a bunch of computer problems with my copy of Photoshop. So the day before yesterday I performed a system restore in order to try and fix it. It didn't work so I undid the restore. Bad choice. I have now spent the past two days fixing all the problems caused by the restore. Today I found out those problems included the fact that it deleted 75% of my personal files (including everything I wrote in college and all my freelance graphic design projects). I have tried using Window's 7's restore files feature, recuva, and virtual lab client. Nothing worked. I am desperate. Any suggestions would be beyond helpful. Thanks for your time.