Lovely, lovely GT. Do you see the period at the end of that sentence? It was SO hard for me to type. Because, as my computer gets older and older, the keyboard gets worse and worse. That was fine when it was the plus/equals sign. I could handle the "h" being a bit loose. And I can correct random tabs or backspaces it whimsically inserts. But an impossible period? No.

The CD drive is also broken. The fan is, I believe, the same one that they use for the propeller planes that do the red-eyes from Connecticut to Pennsylvania.I hate to get a new computer. My wallet hates it even more. But I have a huge writing project I have to finish, and it's time to stop pretending that I can overcome every obstacle.

Can any of you give me advice for a cheap, good computer? I use it almost entirely for typing and internetting. I do also like to watch movies I get from the library on it, so a CD drive is a must (see ya, Chrome). I am very intimidated by Windows 8, but I was also pretty nervous about 9th grade and I made it through just fine. Thanks in advance.


Bingo, Carlos