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Computer Problem Help? UPDATED

I just got the weirdest problem with my laptop and since y'all are smarter than Yahoo Answers (you know it's true) I'm posting my conundrum here:

I plugged in my headphones (I know the headphones work, they are brand new and I tested them in my phone so that's not it) but the sound is still coming from the speakers instead of the headphones. This happened suddenly, after a year of owning this laptop with no problems previously. Messing around in the control panel has yielded no success, but I'm pretty tech-stupid for a young person. Other corners of the internet have suggested that perhaps the headphone jack in the laptop has failed. This would RUIN MY LIFE* so please tell me something else could be behind this!

*be inconvenient

ETA: I am currently trying to reinstall the audio driver thing, which might help? Ugh computerz.


ETA 2: I have tried rebooting, the headphones aren't showing up as a device for some reason, and my current laptop doesn't have a microphone jack.

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