Ooohhhhh my fellow Groupthinkers... the con I went to this past weekend? IT WAS SO AWESOME! Everyone was wowed by our costumes, we hung out with all of our favorite musicians and had a great time! And we ran into an awesome photographer who I knew from Animazement, who had done a shoot with a girl wearing a commission of mine, and he did a photoshoot of us in our wedding robes (which we WON FIRST PLACE with in the Advanced category of the costume contest! They bumped us up from Beginner cause they said it wouldn't be fair to the others, lol!)

So here are a few of the most awesome pics he did. I feel like a Time Lady!


Other awesome things from the weekend included lots of new friends, and we are totally volunteering to work next year's con! The thing about ConTemporal that was very different from other cons I've gone to, and let me tell you, I've gone to quite a few, is that the con was run sort of like a Renn Faire. It has a narrative that runs through it, and the volunteers and staff are all playing characters in the narrative. So during the weekend congoers were asked to look for the missing navigator who was kidnapped at the end of last years con, and to vote for mayor of Port Raleigh (the two candidates were husband and wife, which made for a hilarious set of stump speeches) and to stop a bunch of pirate thugs from stealing an idol. Every big event had a bit of time devoted to the plot, and the Opening and Closing ceremonies were basically just big plays setting the scene and wrapping up the weekend. I LOVED IT. My little theater-kid heart swelled three sizes that weekend. Next year is going to be AWESOME. We will be going as our Doctor Who Gallefreyan characters seen above, and we've offered the use of our Tardis for the weekend. ^_^


I hope everyone else's weekend was just as awesome! I'm done sharing now.

P.s: no, I'm not, I also got pulled to do costumes for a local theatrical production of the Crucible. I'm just diving right in, aren't I?