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Welcome To The Bitchery

Dearest Jezebelles, after months of thinking about it (I don't know why I need to think about things for months before doing it, but I do) and casually trying to look stuff up online, I am finally coming around to (a) taking active steps about these under-eye dark circles (b) just asking strangers on the internet about said active steps.

I know that first paragraph made it sound way more important to me than it actually is, but I just wanted to get your attention! I'm 26, brown skinned, and have pretty intense under eye circles. I think some part of this is genetic, because my mum's had dark circles under her eyes for as long as I've known her, and some part is the whole grad school lifestyle... but I don't want to go around *looking* like the harried grad student that I am, so here goes.


I don't have time to incorporate any sort of skin-care regimen that may involve cucumbers/rose water/ice/face masks/etc. I moisturize and use face wash. So I'm looking for concealer. Something in a warm shade, for sensitive skin, that doesn't cost a ton - i.e. something I can find at CVS/Walgreeens.

Thanks in advance!

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