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A bit long, but important to me because it's about a friend.

So, I have a friend who lives in Europe, and she has been having mental health problems for about 4 years. She was hospitalized a few times, and recently went through a major depressive episode while visiting the US. I wasn't there, but her mom and mine are very close. However, I'm not getting the full story from my mom, but I am from my friend. Or at least as much as I can.

My mom-not the best source because she's ignorant of just about everything-is telling me this girl refuses to take her medication, and is not stable. Last year, when my brother was visiting her, she apparently had a manic episode at a club and my brother had to take her home. For her own safety.


As someone who suffers from mental illness, I am a bit more informed about what that's like than my 'dear' mother. I've been in contact with this girl, and I am a bit concerned. I take my medication everyday so I can function, and it breaks my heart to know she's going through such a hard time. I'm not sure why she's not taking her medication, but there may be side effects that I don't know about.

I have quite a few friends who are bipolar, and I reached out to one of them the other day and told her about the situation. My friend has been through hell with her diagnoses, but is now able to manage. I told my European friend about my how my friend is open to talking to her, and she responded positively.

My main problem is my mom, who won't tell me much. I'm really concerned about my friend, because I feel helpless. I've known this girl since we were kids, and so she's very close to my heart.

Is it my place to get involved? She knows about my mental illness, and is open to talking to my friend. But, my 'dear' mother also told me a while back that she might have schizophrenia. I'm just confused, and also just wanting to help. I have a great support system down here, and I'm not sure if she has the same. And if it means anything, my mom-who supports my journey with finding my diagnoses-seems to be judging this girl. But I tend to blow up so I'm going to just focus on my friend, not mommy dearest.


Again, I am pretty close to her and she's reaching out to me, but I feel like, and this is probably because my mom is in my ear-that I shouldn't get involved. But she's asking for help. I don't know what to do.

Sorry if this was a bit repetitive, but I'm trying to tell the story as best as I can. I really would like some feedback.

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