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Concerned about doggies! UPDATE DOGGIES SAFE

Hey all!

So I'm sitting at a cafe with my latte and bagel and parked right in front of me is a car with 2 dogs inside. It's still pretty early in the day and not that hot but the windows are sealed all the way up and the car isn't in full shade. A lady passing by was about to call the cops but another woman stopped her and said the owner was probably in Starbucks or the dry cleaner. But now it's been at least 20 minutes since I first noticed the pups and perhaps longer before that.

Should I call the police soon? I have to leave the cafe

ETA: back window I couldn't see from the cafe side is open about 4 inches, so that's better I guess.


I'm giving the owner another 10 minutes.

ETA2: alright well they missed their grace period. Cops time.

Also the last month or so in dc has had 2 pretty prominent baby in hot car deaths so this topic should be fresh in the owners mind!


It was a pretty old guy with a bunch of cvs bags and coffee and he seemed alarmed to see the other woman and myself near his car. We told him that he very easily could have come back to two dead dogs and that he really has to be careful. I think he genuinely felt bad. Or maybe just wanted us to fuck off.


Thanks GTers for all your input and concern!

Ugh, people are my least favorite kind of animal.

Also I'm looking for dc law on window breaking in case I see this again.


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