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Concert angst

Taylor Swift and Haim are playing 5 shows in LA this week. LITERALLY my two most listened to albums of the last year were Days Are Gone and 1989 (like, Spotify told me that Days Are Gone was my most listened to album of 2014 and 1989 has not left my car CD player since October). The concerts are also within walking distance from my work.

The tickets are at least $300. For partial views. And only one ticket, it’s like $400 to get them in pairs, as if I could convince somebody to go with me for $300...

Ugh, driving past the arena this week as all of the shows are going on is going to be painful. Am I going to regret it forever if I don’t buy a ticket? Or should I take that money to buy really awesome tickets for the next Taylor Swift tour and get Haim tickets some other time?

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