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So, I have this concussion. It's ridiculously stupid, but I've never had a concussion like this before, where I had so many symptoms. I'm exhausted, like I'm hung over. I don't have as much of a headache anymore, but my nose feels a bit swollen still. The bruising is easing a bit. I'm weepy, which is kind of embarrassing. I keep having ringing in one ear.

But, I'm also running this fever on and off, and it's made me nervous because I made the mistake of hitting the Internet which told me my brain could be bleeding. Why do I do stupid things like hit PubMED???????

I should follow these comments with the fact that I've had both an x-ray and a CT scan, which were fine, at least as of yesterday. However, my doctor wanted me to come in for an appointment, and I just couldn't make the drive. It can be over an hour each way, and I just couldn't do it. I'm so exhausted. I feel terrible. I didn't really have anyone else to drive me, so I was kind of stuck. Tonight, when I called her, to ask her if she could get a copy of the CT and look at it, and maybe get me a MRI if she thought it was necessary, she was really snippy about that and said she couldn't diagnose me over the phone. Well, you know, I know that. I wasn't asking for a diagnosis, just some phone support to a place out here or at least a looksee at some scans. I never got a chance to ask this because ... she kind of hung up on me. Which ... no doctor has ever hung up on me before. I'm ... well ... you know ... I've got a concussion, so I burst into tears first because that is how this concussion rolls. And now ... I have no idea what to do next. New Doctor? Call her back? Apologize for not being able to follow all of her advice to the letter because legitimate reasons? I did ask her to hang on for a second because I was in the car and was going to park so I could talk to her a bit better, you know, pull her off speaker. That's when she hung up.


I feel very depressed. :(

UPDATE: I still have a brain! So exciting. I called the nurse line, and got the same advice the rest of you gave. :)

So, I went. Anyway, I want to thank all of you. I'm okay. I just have post-concussion syndrome. And I'm supposed to stay on top of it, watch symptoms, etc. etc.

I want to thank all of you. You were all really great and helpful. It made a difference. THANK YOU.

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