After Ben Wyatt was laid off last fall he spent a week of unemployment eating calzones, wearing a grungy Letters to Cleo t-shirt, and inventing the Cones of Dunshire, an excessively complex board game that no one thought would ever be made.

Well, Mayfair's going to make it, and it'll soon be available at a Kickstarter near you! Rejoice, Ledgermen!

This is, quite possibly, the greatest news to ever hit the Umlaut household. My boyfriend is a total boardgame nerd and Parks & Rec is my absolute favorite TV show ever (it's sometimes hard to describe how much I love it). We emailed each other at the same time to say "let's buy this." I am so. freaking. excited! And when I buy it I am going to sign "treat yo'self 2014!" loudly.