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Confession: Barbara Walters got me all verklempt this morning.

I watched The View earlier today (shut up, I work for an ABC affiliate), and as was mentioned on the mainpage, today was Babs' last day as a co-host of the show, although she'll still be an executive producer. Anyway, toward the end of the show, about 20 major female newswomen came out and formed a line to give Barbara hugs and air kisses. It looked like they were there to receive Barbara's blessing or something. As a woman who has a background in journalism and who currently works in broadcast TV, albeit in production, I got really choked up watching all of the women on stage. Also, you could tell there was A LOT of emotion in the room — at one point the camera panned over to Babs' longtime producer, and even he was close to tears. I often feel like crying at work due to stress or getting too into dramatic talk shows, but I think this would have been the one acceptable time to cry given the context.


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