and I feel bad about it. We have three cats, and one of them is my clear favorite. He's the most chill, laid-back, independent of the bunch. He can be a total asshole (he is, after all, the one who ripped my hand own about a year ago) but it's really because he wants to be an only cat. My dark secret is that I wish he were too. I don't dislike the other cats, but I haven't bonded with them in the same way. I'm feeling extra negative toward our newest feline roommate because he's been waging a territory war with my big boy the last few weeks. Things exploded this evening, resulting in big boy bleeding an alarming amount from his leg. It stopped, and he doesn't seem to need medical attention, but I'm seriously ticked off. I feel so bad for my poor cuddly! Three hours later, and he's just now accepting love.