Give me your confessions, Groupthink. Big, little, in between. Serious and light-hearted. Your guilty pleasures,* your childhood secrets, your thinly-veiled humblebrags. I am like a priest, except for the part where I am nothing like a priest.

Confession #1: I'm currently listening to Taylor Swift on repeat and lipsyncing dramatically. I finally caved and bought the album last week.

Haters gonna hate.

#2: I double-spaced after periods until a few months ago even though I read that Slate article about it. I only stopped because a) I was in charge of my office's website and the people writing the text single-spaced, and b) each space counts as a character on Twitter.


#3: I have never seen Mean Girls, The Matrix, the original Star Wars trilogy, or Titanic. (Actually, I may have seen Star Wars. But if so, I don't remember it.) I now get most of the references thanks to the internet and I just avoid any in-depth conversations about them. I'm also pretty sure I fell asleep in the middle of one or all of the Indiana Jones movies and never watched it again. I've also never seen the entirety of Monty Python and the Holy Grail because my mom always cut out the scene with the nuns.

Anyway. Confess your sins, Groupthinkers.

*Obligatory disclaimer that this is a stupid term. The only pleasures you should feel guilty about are things like blood diamonds and popping the balloons of small children.