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Confession time!

So, I really need to get this off my chest.

I washed my sheets two weekends ago, and still haven't made the bed. I have been sleeping on the couch since it's cooler in the living room (also, my couch is awesome), but I still feel guilty. And yet, I cannot work up the giveashits to actually make the bed. Now the protective cover thingy has cat hair all over it and I have to wash it before I can make the bed, which means I can delay the making of the bed until this weekend when I have time to go do laundry.


Also, My kitchen counter is covered in mail, receipts, lightbulbs, and other random stuff I can't can't be bothered to clean off. And I should be doing homework right now but instead I'm watching "Archer" and hanging out on Jez.

Whew. I feel much better now. Anyone else have any random confessions they want to throw out into the Internet?

One last confession, I am now watching "The Boondock Saints" instead of doing homework.

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