*deep breath* Here goes...

I pretty much don't like any of Beyonce's solo music.

For instance, Drunk in Love is playing on Pandora and I don't get it. It's a weird tune, she jumps between belting out lyrics and curt talk-singing. It just sounds really disjointed. Not what I would expect a pop song to sound like, at all. And I feel like that's every song she comes out with. I never really liked Single Ladies, either. Sure, I know most of the lyrics but it hurt my ears.

I have no opinion of Beyonce personally and it's not like I don't want her to be successful so much as I just don't want to have to hear her solo music. Ever. I do a lot of "skipping" and station changing, as you can imagine.

So... what's your unpopular opinion? Think all cheese tastes gross? Hate orgasms? Love Walmart?


Oh, and no trash-talking anyone's opinions here. Egregious, trolling, bullshit hate masquerading as "unpopular" when it is really just cruel will be summarily dismissed, though.