One of my friends has been a jerk to me the past few weeks, to the point where I'm not really interested in hanging out with him anymore or in being good friends. He's cold when I try to talk to him, outright ignores me when I say things to him, contradicts me on everything I say, answers things I say with one word replies. It feels like he's been massively annoyed at me or something. I'm just tired of hanging out with someone who makes me feel like shit every time I see him.

The question is, do I just start drifting away, being busy, etc., or do I tell him why I'm doing it first? He's made it pretty clear he's not too interested in being friendly, so trying to talk to him will probably not solve anything, just be something to make me feel better. And to be honest, he's been so shitty to me recently that I'm not really willing to put myself out there to let him know how hurtful he's been because I don't really want to get shit on again.