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Confronting the fact that my parents are functional alcoholics! (massive TWs)

Oh man, THAT was a great holiday. NOTTTTT

So, once again, both my parents saw fit to get insanely drunk and have a screaming fight in front of me, my sisters, Mr. Door (pooooor fiance), and our close family friends during our Christmas celebration. Now they’re not talking to each other and my mom says it will take “months” to repair this “damage to their marriage.”

Well, what about the damage to us? From watching them do this over and over? We’ve had interventions with the parents alone and together, with one of us and all three of us sisters, and it’s time to face facts: they are total and complete alcoholics. Even though they hold down jobs, even though they don’t (usually) drive drunk, their drinking is causing a fuckton of problems for everyone, particularly my baby sister who is 18 and in college but still hangs out at home a lot.


I have had to unlearn so many nasty fighting habits, for example, in my relationships, romantic and otherwise. (Thanks, therapy!) I have also had to start continuously monitoring my alcohol intake because I am so fucking paranoid I’m going to end up like them. They have severe depression, are on meds, and still get blackout drunk multiple times a week. My dad alone downs a bottle of wine or more a night. I’ve got bipolar disorder and drink some (yes, I know, I should not at all with the meds), but it’s like, in the neighborhood of 3-4 drinks total per average WEEK. I’m going to try Drynuary because alcohol is now fucking with my migraines.

I am so embarrassed that Mr. Door was there for all of that nonsense. (My sisters are too.) I guess it’s better that he knows about it now than that he finds out about it later, post-marriage? I mean, he already knew, but now he KNOWS. He comes from stable, happily married people, so he does NOT get it.

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