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Welcome To The Bitchery

I have severe Emetephobia. It developed when I was a young child (strangely unprovoked), and it has ruled every waking hour of my life since. Right now it's in a particularly bad place since the medication I was on pooped out. I go through periods of the phobia being treated ok, and periods of it being awful, and right now I'm in an awful period. It's also not solely a phobia thing as it's also an OCD thing where I have constant, intrusive thoughts about it. Yay!

Anyway, this will sound stupid to anyone without this particular phobia but the stomach "flu" is one of my worst nightmares. Right up there with my husband or child dying. Of course, food poisoning etc. are there as well, but I fear the stomach flu unlike anything else. I will lie awake for hours dreading any member of my family coming down with it. These fears have amplified considerably since having a child.

Well guess what Mr. Keepcalm came down with yesterday? Yup he threw up all day at work (he's a mechanic) but wouldn't leave before 4pm when another employee got there. Then he went home and thew up all night. He texted me earlier in the day informing me of his predicament (well, not completely at first because bless his heart he didn't want to make me panic) and I took my daughter and fled to my parents house immediately. They live about 15 minutes away and have the luxury of 8 very nice bathrooms, while my house has one not very nice bathroom. Now don't think I'm not thankful for my one bathroom, I am!, but being in a house with one bathroom and someone throwing up is just not something I can do with this particular phobia.


Now, ideally I could stay at my parents house for a week and Mr. Keepcalm could recover and then douse everything in our house in bleach, but my relationship with my parents is somewhat strained (and my daughters extreme extreme-ness does not help), which means that we're probably going to have to go home tomorrow. I also forgot all my non nausea meds* and clothes at home.


I am mostly scared to encounter even the tiniest particle of vomit. I am also scared SHITLESS of getting the virus myself (and my husband said this was the nastiest stomach bug he's ever gotten!), and I am scared of my daughter getting it. I am also scared we are both already incubating it and will get it anyway- in which case I'd rather stay here in the land of 8 bathrooms. What I would really like to do is just hibernate for a week in one of the many closets in this house and emerge when the incubation/ contagious periods were over. But I have a child I need to adult for and WAH WAH WAH GUYS PHOBIAS ARE SO FUCKING HARD WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!


*Adding another element of fun to this clusterfuck is that I have gastroparesis and am nauseous as shit 24/7 and need super strength anti-emetics to help me digest/ not feel like shit/ not jump off a bridge.

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