Kind of confused about Grease Live. The wiki page says it incorporates stage play with elements of the movie. Here is where my conclusion lays.…

Since the movie most revivals and other live productions have incorporated songs written for the movie. Grease Is The Word. Has been incorporated in stage productions. For example this 2013 stage production.

Hopelessly Devoted To You has also been incorporated in stage productions.

So the only thing I can think of is during the school dance. The movie extended this with performances by ShaNaNa which also appeared on the movie soundtrack. I believe all but one were 50 standards. For example Those Magic Moments. I looked at wiki page for Grease Musicals and this and the others were not in any revivals.

So will this live production on Fox include the Sha Na Na numbers including this song?

As far as I can tell all other songs created for the movie has already been incorporated into the stage productions except for these Sha Na Na numbers.

I assume most are familiar with the 50s retro group or at least watched their late 70s show. Sha Na Na show opener…

Anyone know?