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ETA: Okay, so I’ve obviously been thinking a lot of about this. I’ll tell you the main things that are really bothering me:

  • My mom knew that I had taken this DNA test with my dad and I had no doubts he was my dad. She obviously knew it could be negative but she didn’t warn me, she just let me be surprised. Pretty shitty.
  • I hate that my face might look like some random dude that I do not know. It sounds silly but one of the first things I thought was that I really want to get something changed with plastic surgery so I have control over my face a little more. I’ve never wanted anything like that before, it’s a weird reaction my brain is having.
  • My dad is now kind of freaking out, I think he was doing this to get back at my mom but he didn’t think it would actually turn out this way. Now he said I should ‘get a new last name.’ But... I have a good last name! And WTF would I pick??

I posted before but I linked to the wrong post. Basically, my super abusive dad had been bothering me for awhile about getting a DNA test and finally I said ‘fine.’ I honestly never thought it would be negative. Now it turns out it is.

If you were me, would you want to know your bio dad? I’m 27 and it feels weird to look at my face now and not know who the features come from. Also I’d like to know my family’s medical history.

What an awful weekend.

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