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Confusion >_<

As I mentioned earlier today, it is my birthday. My parents took me out to eat dinner today, and they had invited my boyfriend to come with us. I told him about it two weeks ago and again on Thursday. On Thursday, I asked him again if he wanted to come, and he said yes. Well, yesterday (Saturday), the two of us went out to dinner. He lives ~45 minutes away, so he drove out to my area. He got me a wonderful gift and all, and he stayed over for the night. I asked him last night if he was still planning to come to eat with my family and me, and he said he wasn't sure. He said he only brought sleeping clothes, which I found weird because I thought he was going to come to dinner with us on my birthday. He said he might go back home and then drive out again for dinner, so I said it was up to him. Well, this morning he ended up leaving, saying that he wanted to shower and stuff and he told my mom he couldn't make dinner. I was really confused as to why he didn't want to stay for dinner since my parents had told me for weeks to invite him, and he knew about it, so why the sudden change? I mean, I get it, he'd be spending like 2 days with me, but I only see him about once a week, so it's not like we're always hanging around each other. I actually got really upset when he left, but I didn't anything. I think there was miscommunication on my behalf, but still...I was hoping to spend the day with him and my parents, too, and I just had it in my head that he'd be at dinner with us. It's not like he had anything else to do today. And yesterday, he told me that he liked my parents and that they were really nice, so I don't really get why he didn't stay. I kind of found it hurtful that he didn't... :\


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